7 Things To Do In The Holidays

I will be having time off school this week, as it's the half-term holiday! Here are my favourite activities to do in my holidays. I hope you feel inspired to make the next holiday more exciting! I've got quite a lot of work to complete but will be determined to enjoy my time. I'm sure to be playing the game Dragon City and if you're looking for an app to download on an ios device, I recommend this app. It is also available on androids. You hatch, feed and battle your dragons.

1.  Plan a Day Out
It's the most obvious yet a good day out could make all the difference. A change of scenery is definitely needed in a week-long rest at home. 
I would recommend a trip to the famous 'Westfield' shopping centre in Stratford. If you're looking for even more excitement then you may want to visit the Sealife Aquarium and Madame Tussuards in Westminster. The London Eye and London Dungeons are very close by. You'll most definitely love it over there.

2. Learn a New Skill
What is it that you've always wanted to learn? Scuba-diving? Ice-skating? Swimming? Nothing is impossible. The trick is to set yourself an achievable, realistic goal. Make sure that you have someone more experienced assisting you and practice, practice, practice! As the saying goes: practice makes perfect! Good luck! 

3. Bake
Mmm...I can just smell freshly baked cupcakes! If you are feeling ambitious you could attempt to make macaroons-they're delicious and one of my favourite bakes, along with cookies! You can always watch YouTube videos for inspiration. 

4. Read a Book
Around this time of year, I just love getting cozy by the fire with a good book. My favourite books are the Ruby Redfort series by Lauren Child, the Divergent Trioligy by Veronica Roth and Girl Online by Zoe Sugg. I could read them over and over! USERNAME EVIE looks extremely cool and I am looking forward to reading my first ever graphic novel. Do you prefer graphic novels to ordinary books? I would love to know what you think. 

5. Write a Story
If you're really into books you may be thinking about writing your own story. I have always dreamed about publishing my own stories but never got round to finishing a whole novel. You'll need a lotta time to complete this and it will test your patience. I think it's worth it at the end, seeing your work in stores around your area. Keep going and you might just become the next J.K. Rowling!

6. Re-decorate Your Bedroom
It's seems like a big task but you don't need to make a huge fuss. Clear out the little nic-nacks that you don't need and them you are ready to add personal touches. I love the idea of fairy lights around bed frames and cute cushions scattered on the bed. If you would like to change the colours in your room, make sure you have the supervision and help of an adult! For more ideas click here!  

7. Watch a New Film/ TV Series
If you haven't already, check out Pretty Little Liars and The Hunger Games Series. You may even be lucky enough to attend the premiere of Mockingjay: Part Two on November 5th! 

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  1. Wow. What a lovely post. I have been thinking a lot about these upcoming holidays and I saw them as a business opportunity. For me selling icecream is a great idea because I live in South Africa and our summers are around December and the festive seasion, yey. There are loads of other business ideas you could try out too Layla. :) xx

    1. Great idea! I hope the ice-cream sold out easily. It's really cool that you spent the holidays selling and the best bit is that you can buy yourself a little treat afterwards! I should be more businesslike in the future (haha!)


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