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The Liebster Award is for new bloggers. It helps new blogs to get discovered. I have only been blogging for a few months so I am still quite new to it. I was TRIPLE nominated by ScarlettMae and Bella so this will be a really long blog post. Sorry!

This is the list of things to do:
♥ Attach the Liebster Award photo to the blog post
♥ Link back to the person that tagged you
♥ Answer all 11 questions
♥ Tag some bloggers who have less than 1000 readers
♥ Ask them 11 questions
♥ Let them know you've tagged them

Here are Scarlett's questions for me: 

1. How has your day been?
My day has been a bit hectic. First of all: SCHOOL and the stress of exams is hitting me hard. I really want to get good grades and all my work is going to count towards it in Art, French and IT!

2. If you could be anything in your life what would it be?
I would love to be an author/able to cook and make delicious and beautiful meals and desserts!

3. Tell me something from your bucket list
I've always wanted to Ice-skate as I think it looks beautiful but I don't want to get injured! Eeeek!

4. What's your favourite thing to do?
I love to snuggle up in my duvet, wearing my cosiest PJs and my hair in a fishtail braid with a good book. I also like to have the main light off and instead have my fairy lights to give my bedroom a rosy-pink glow.

5. What's your favourite TV Show?
Oooh this I need to think about. My favourite TV show would have to be Pretty Little Liars. I watch it on Netflix. A new episode is added every Wednesday!

6. Do you enjoy school?
I actually do. My friends are very important to me and I feel great if I work hard and accomplish something amazing.

7. What's your opinion on ART?
I love looking at artwork and even trying to recreate my own versions based on other artists' works. I always love looking at my friends' work in art! I think art is great as a therapy as you can take a break from life and just focus on the piece. Also, I love being creative! 

8. Tell me something about yourself?
I am actually short in real life!

9. What's your favourite sweet?
Ooh! I love flying saucers and strawberry pencils. I want some now! 

10. Why do you blog?
In 2014, I discovered Zoella's blogger blog and absolutely fell in love with it. I was inspired and checked out another blog: Sprinkle of Glitter and decided that I wanted to have my own little space on the Internet. This is it! I absolutely love blogging and have discovered some really great bloggers around the world who are about my age.

11. Do you prefer baths or showers?
I love an occasional bubble bath with a Lush product popped in! I usually shower and only have a proper bubble bath from time to time as a little treat. It makes me feel a little more relaxed. 

Here are my questions from Mae:

1. Who is your favourite YouTuber?
This is a toughie. I mostly watch Vloggers...I guess my favourite YouTuber would be Zoella or Tanya Burr!

2. What is your dream job?
I would love to be able to just write and write and write. Author! 

3. What is your most used Emoji?
❤️ is my most used emoji! 

4. What is your favourite food?
I've answered this below in Bella's questions. See below for the answer! 

5. Family or Soulmate?
I love my family and I can be happy without a special person in my life. Especially as I'm only a teenager!

6. Any pets?
Well, we have a pond in the garden with lots of big fish swimming in...do they count?

7. Why do you blog?
I have answered this question for Scarlett. See above for my answer!

8. If you could be with anyone right now, who would it be?
It would be my cousin! I love spending time with her! She's always so fun and nice.

9. What's your favourite blog post you've ever done?
That would have to be Who is your OTP?

10. Favourite word?
'Sweet' is my favourite word!

11. Biggest weakness?
Probably that I'm a little awkward with people I don't know well...

Last but not least...
Here are Bella's questions for me:

1. What is your opinion on anime?
I have been watching Kaichou wa maid-sama! and really liked it! I think anime is awesome. I have two friends who are really into anime!

2. What is your favourite food?
Mmm...it would have to be chips. I love love love fish & chips, chicken & chips and just chips on their own. I might add a pinch a salt though...

3. Any funny childhood story?
I remember when me and my brothers would try to stay up as late as we could and at midnight we would hide under the covers from scary creatures! 

4. Have a crush? Please do tell!
I did have a crush on a guy in Primary school, but now I go to an all-girls secondary school so I don't really get to know many boys. Apart from my brothers' friends of course. 

5. Have you ever experienced love?
Well, my family love me but I've never had a boyfriend. I'm not sure how my parents would deal with that! 

6. Do you enjoy the outdoors?
Depends what the environment is like. I'm more of an indoors person but I would love to explore exciting places. 

7. What is the one place you would love to visit if you had the chance to?
I would love to visit New York just for a little while and see the Statue of Liberty. 

8. Can you cook? If so, what can you make?
Hmm..my mum wants me to cook more. I usually bake but I can cook pasta, rice, eggs and salmon. At school, we had food studies as part of the curriculum for Years 7-9. I will be trying to learn how to cook new foods. Wish me luck!

9. Any siblings?
I have two younger brothers. Such a handful!

10. What inspired you to blog?
ZoellaTanya Burr Sprinkle of Glitter inspired me to blog and when I found other teenage blogs I decided to go for it!

11. What is your favourite Disney movie?
Oh. My. All Disney films are awesome so I'm going to give a few that I really enjoyed: Alice in WonderlandThe Incredibles & Tangled.  

I nominate Autumn, Stella & Lola

Finally, we come to my questions for my Nominations:

1. Have you ever been an awkward situation with a friend?
2. What's your favourite book/s
3. What do you really want to do/accomplish?
4. What is your idea of the perfect evening? 
5. If you were a superhero, what power would you have? 
6.  Do you have any talents/skills? (I'm sure you do!)
7. What's your favourite colour?
8. Do you have your own Apple/Android product?
9. What inspired you to blog? (Sneaky stolen question!)
10. What's your favourite chocolate/sweet?
11. How do you relax?

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