The Miranda Sings Tag

This tag was created by Claudia and is 'all about spreading self-love.' It is so easy to take compliments too lightly and pinpoint the little things we hate about ourselves. This award is about complimenting and appreciating yourself.
I was nominated by a fabulous fellow blogger, Autumn Girl, to do this. Thanks Autumn! 

This a list of what I had to do:
♥ Write a post.
♥ Include the photo of Miranda.
♥ Nominate a few bloggers who you think deserve the award.
♥ List 7 things you love about yourself.
♥ Don't use negative connotations.

7 Things I Love About Myself:
♥ I love my eyelashes and that they are naturally long

♥ I love that I have friends who will help me though tough times and are ALWAYS able to make me laugh

♥ I love that I am quite a dreamer and can close my eyes and let my thoughts and imagination roam wild

♥ I love that my friends tell me things that make me feel like they trust and appreciate me

♥ I love plaiting my hair into a fishtail braid at night and snuggling under the duvet with a book

♥ I love brushing my teeth (is that weird?!) and that squeaky clean feeling you get when your teeth are white and well-looked after

♥ I love that I keep in touch with some of my friends from primary school

I nominate Flo, Yolanda & Morgan for this award!  I really would like to see them do this, even if it's just for fun! This really helped and gave me a little self-confidence boost which I needed. Thanks again to Autumn and Claudia for such a great tag!

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