Who is your OTP?

I apologise if this a rambly blog post
Your OTP or 'One True Pairing' are the two characters you ship together from a fandom. They are your absolute favourite couple. Sorry if I didn't exactly explain it clearly. Feel free to search it up on Google to understand it better!

My (current :D) OTP is Dramione from Harry Potter (Draco and Hermione.) I know the two didn't end up together but I would have loved to see what would have happened! Draco would most probably have to change if they were were to work though. 

I think Hermione and Draco could of been perfect for each other. They were both intelligent and a relationship between them could of been beautiful. Draco and Hermione challenge each other and she was the one who punched him in the nose. *giggles at the memory*  He deserved it. They both remind me a little of Romeo and Juliet.

Also, Draco and Hermione could of been the redeemers for Snape and Lily. Lily was a muggle-born and Snape was a pureblood, just like Draco and Hermione. They never worked out but Snape never stopped loving her. I think he would have been proud of Draco, his godson, if he had got over the idea of muggle-borns being inferior. 
Sorry if you are a Romione shipper!

Some of favourite Dramione fanfictions are:
Fortune by Hesaluti
Take My Second Chance by Glalie773
Conversation Hearts by Punkindoodle

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Do you have a OTP?

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